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Arash Behravesh

Independent Counsel
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Washington, DC 20037
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Arash Behravesh, is a Registered Patent Attorney before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Mr. Behravesh’s practice includes patent and trademark prosecution, as well as IP litigation, anti-counterfeiting and client counseling.  Mr. Behravesh ’s counseling work comprises patentability and clearance studies, validity and infringement opinions and licensing.
Mr. Behravesh has been practicing patent law for more than 15 years across a broad spectrum of technologies.  Representative technologies with which Mr. Behravesh is experienced include:

  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering: Oil and gas; petrochemical; polymer chemistry; chemical process; and nanotechnology, including nanocrystals, nanotubes, fullerenes, biological conjugates, nanowires, and nanocompositions.
  • Biotechnology: vaccine platforms, nutritional supplements, skin care products, disease treatment and prevention, drug delivery, pharmaceutical compositions, pharmaceutical industry licensing.
  • Computers & Computer Science: Semiconductors, circuits, complex software, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and complex business methods.
  • Material Science: Optical materials; photonic; and optoelectronic materials; metals and metallurgy; light-emitting devices; ceramics; semiconductor materials; surface chemistry; nanoscale materials, including nanotube science, biomedical materials, composites, and building materials.
  • Mechanical Devices: Power tools; robotics; fuel cell storage; and biomedical devices, including aortic grafts, vascular stents, biocompatible materials, joint treatment, heart valves, and annuloplasty devices.

Prior to his legal career, Mr. Behravesh practiced both as a Chemical Engineer and as an Industrial Hygienist.