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Brian Brown


Brian Brown has more than 38 years of patent experience both in the USPTO, having retired as Petitions Examiner in the Office of Petitions, and working with a prominent law firm in its DC office. Mr. Brown founded Allowance Patents LLC and is an Independent Counsel for Wright IP® & International Law PLLC.

From April 2008 to April 2021, Mr. Brown was a Petitions Examiner in the Office of Petitions of the USPTO. During this time, Mr. Brown decided petitions, oversaw the assignment of petitions withing the Office of Petitions, engaged in quality control of petition decisions, and advised other USPTO employees, registered practitioners, pro se applicants, and various members of the public regarding a wide variety of petition matters. Matters of Prioritized Examination and reviewing Group Directors Decisions were within Mr. Brown’s scope of responsibilities.

From July 2000 to April 2008, Mr. Brown worked with a prominent law firm practicing patent prosecution and advising prosecuting and litigating attorneys regarding USPTO practice and procedure. Mr. Brown has extensive experience regarding Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), reexamination proceedings, reissue application, petitions, and in prosecution Technology Centers 2100, 2600, and 2800.

From September 1983 to July 2000, Mr. Brown was employed by the USPTO achieving the position of Special Program Examiner in the Physics, Optics, Electrical Components and Engineering Technology Center 2800 specializing in PCT procedure, reexamination procedure, reissue procedure, and petition matters. Mr. Brown also was a PCT Legal Examiner in the PCT Legal Affairs Division of the PCT Legal Office (now known as the Office of International Legal Administration (IPLA)) specializing in PCT procedure and petition matters relating to international and national stage procedure. Mr. Brown became a Primary Examiner while working in an art unit of the Electrical Group.

Throughout his career with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Mr. Brown developed and established workflow monitoring and management databases. Mr. Brown also developed and established the first Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Special Programs Office home page of the US Patent and Trademark Office website.